What Nature Does For Britain Sources and References

What Nature does for Britain

References and further reading

As well as my own experiences and discussions with leading experts in writing What Nature does for Britain I drew on a broad body of published work. I provide details of these sources via the chapters and page numbers where material is presented in the printed and electronic versions of the book. 

If you’d like to identify a source for a point or fact then please look in which chapter and on what page the material in question is presented and look below. Simple, I hope.

I have not referenced every detail as much of what is covered is basic science that is readily available in basic textbooks and many on-line sources. 

Where possible I have provided a link to an on-line source. Interested readers can click straight through to those.


Apart from two quotes from Prime Minister David Cameron, material covered in the Preface is picked up in more detail in later chapters and is referenced under the relevant sections below. 

1. On those quotes I include words from David Cameron on page 1 in relation to funding for flood relief efforts. Many media organisations covered these remarks, including the Daily Telegraph

2. On page 2, I have another quote attributed to David Cameron and his alleged instruction to his aides to ‘get rid of all the green crap’. This remark was also widely reported, including in the Guardian.