What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? Sources and References

What has nature ever done for us?
A compendium of source material
In writing What has nature ever done for us? I drew on a wide range of source material, including interviews with experts, my own experiences and documentary and published sources. In order to present an uncluttered narrative I decided not to include references or footnotes in the book, but instead to offer interested readers a selection of background sources via my website.
The compendium of published material provided here will, I hope, enable readers who are interested in finding out more on the subjects I covered to get into the literature and the rich body of material available. Where possible (and in nearly all cases) I have provided links to sources so you can access most of the material I cite via your Internet browser.
A lot of what I covered is basic established science that rests on a great deal of material published in, among other places, textbooks and other standard works. I have not provided sources for much of this as it is so readily available.
I have organised the sources by chapter, roughly in order of where the content appears and indicate the page number where the point made in the book occurs. I hope readers wishing to learn more about the subject matter covered in What has nature ever done for us? will find this an easy to use and helpful resource.

Prologue: Sealed World
Pages 3-25. In the prologue I write at length about Biosphere 2. In addition to interviews with the people directly involved in this remarkable project, there are a couple of published sources that I can recommend to those who wish to know more. Namely:
Alling. A, Nelson, M. and Silverstone, S. (1993). Life Under Glass: Inside Story of Biosphere 2. 1993. Biosphere Press, Tucson. ISBN-10: 1882428072
Allen, J. (2009). Me and the Biospheres: A Memoir by the Inventor of Biosphere 2. Synergistic Press. ISBN: 9780907791379