University of Kent DICE Lecture

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 18:30
Tony will be giving an open lecture on "Why ecology and economy must embrace" at The Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology and the School of Anthropology and Conservation.
The ongoing degradation of the natural world is often presented as a regrettable but inevitable 'price of progress'. Conventional wisdom holds that in order to achieve economic 'growth', the environment must be sacrificed as part of a balance between the protection of habitats and prevention of pollution on the one hand, and promotion of people's interests and combatting poverty on the other. While superficially believable, this line of thinking is, however, a dangerous and deeply flawed misconception. In reality, the healthy and functioning natural systems underpin all aspects of our welfare, from the recycling of nutrients in soils that sustain food production to the replenishment of water supplies by forests: the more we degrade ecosystems, the more in the end we will imperil development. We must urgently fuse ecology and economy, not only to protect nature, but the interests of people too.
Further details available from University of Kent.