Shaping The Future

194-195: Shaping the Future

Waves of innovation graphic uses information from ‘Waves of Innovation of the First Industrial Revolution’, TNEP International Keynote Speaker Tours, The Natural Edge Project, 2003-2011. Accessed at

“Biomimicry” panel uses information from The Biomimicry Institue. Accessed at

196-197: Low Carbon Growth

Current carbon emissions given in the main graphic and future scenarios use data from ‘Prosperity without Growth?’, The Sustainable Development Commission, Professor Tim Jackson, 2009. Accessed at

198-199: The Rise of Clean Technology

Figures for the potential commercial value of clean technology is from ‘Building Competitive Green Industries: The Climate and Clean Technology Opportunity for Developing Countries’, infoDev/World Bank, 2014. Accessed at

Data on jobs created by renewable energy production is from ‘Renewable Energy and Jobs - Annual Review 2014’, International Renewable Energy Agency, 2014. Accessed at

200-201: A Sustainable Economy

The main graphic is adapted from ‘Rewiring the Economy’ published by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Accessed at

202-203: Circular Economy

The main graphic is based on information provided by the Ellen McArthur Foundation. Accessed at

204-205: A New Mindset

The main graphic is based on ideas presented in ‘A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: Can we live within the doughnut?’, Kate Raworth, Oxfam International, 2012. Accessed at