This is the first book created primarily for the field identification of parrots, one of the most familiar and colorful groups of birds. From the mighty. macaws to the diminutive pygmy parrots, the 350 species of parrots include cockatoos, parakeets, lovebirds, and Budgerigar. Most are brightly colored or even gaudy, but a few are drab, and some are nocturnal and flightess. Parrots, found throughout most of the warmer regions of the world, occur in greatest numbers in Australasian and South America.

This book includes 88 superb colour illustrations of every species and most identifiable subspecies of parrot, as well as range maps of their locations. It offers many firsthand insights into the ecology of each species, vocalizations, life cycle characteristics, and geographical variation. It also provides details on the conservation status of those species of parrots that are threatened or endangered.


“This book belongs in the library of any naturalist or bird lover. The plates are wonderful with vivid colors that serve to identify the various species. The text provides concise information on natural history, a map of each species' range in the wild, its conservation status and other information. This book could be used in the field or as a comprehensive reference book on these remarkable birds. The authors must have poured a phenomenal amount of work into researching and writing this book. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend”.
– Craig S. Harrison, comment published on 

In 1999, Parrots was awarded the McColvin Medal for an Oustanding Work of Reference by the UK Library Association.