Norwich Science Festival

Friday, October 21, 2016 - 07:30
Hear Tony speak about the value of restoring nature and what can be done to achieve it in one generation.
For decades environmental damage has been seen as a regrettable but necessary price of progress, the inevitable consequence of economic growth. Such a world view often regards environmental laws and targets to be 'anti-development' and a threat to the interests of people. Reality is somewhat different, however, as more and more research confirms that healthy natural systems are vital preconditions for advancing human wellbeing. From the pollination of crops, to the recycling of nutrients in soils and from the replenishment of freshwater to the capture and storage of carbon, Nature delivers a wide range of essential services, and for free. If we are to avoid the costly consequences that will accompany the continuing degradation of natural systems, then we need to understand the full range of values provided by Nature, including those with economic and practical benefit in the human world.