How Many Lightbulbs does it take to change a planet?

The human world sits on the brink of potentially catastrophic environmental change. "How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change the Planet" is a clarion call for urgent action in the face of climate change that threatens to devastate human civilisation. Tony Juniper plays the role of a modern-day Martin Luther and presents his programme for staving off environmental, economic and social disaster. 

His '95 articles for comfort, security and survival' embrace actions needed to reduce carbon emissions and protect the Earth's natural ecosystems, measures required to establish sustainable farming methods and conserve agricultural biodiversity, and wider economic reforms needed to create a proper economic context for environmental sustainability and to make quality of life - rather than growth in GDP - the target outcome of economic activity. Passionately written and cogently argued, Tony Juniper's 95 articles are essential reading for anyone who cares about the world our children will inherit.


“It would be hard not to find much to agree with ... he is not afraid to think big”
Daily Mail

“His proposals for global strategies are thoughtful, idealistic, rational and pure of heart”
The Times

“Passionate and thought-provoking”
The Good Book Guide

“This is the most comprehensive and informative book I've read on the subject of climate change. You can read everything from the formation of coal to how a squeaking duck shamed Bush into changing his position on climate change. If you feel that you are powerless against huge organisations read how a cardboard trophy had reprisentitives of americas major energy companies cowering in a back room too scared to go out. Be a fly on the wall at an unofficial meeting with Tony Blair. There is some practical advice but there is no preaching. It's really well written, extremely interesting, strangely compelling, you'll know what I mean if you read it. It's possibly an important book for our era. I'm very glad I read it”. 
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