Economic Expansion

24-25: Economic Expansion

Main graphic compiled from research by J Bradford De Long, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley, 1998 and World Bank GDP data. Accessed at, adapted to be visualised in 1990 dollar prices.

“Share of world GDP” graphic based on data from World Economics – 50 years of continuous economic growth. Accessed at

28-29: Richer People

Main graphic uses World Bank GDP per capita figures. Accessed at

“Middle class world” graphic based on data in the Economic Environment Agency Global Megatrends Report 2010.  Accessed at

30-31: Companies vs Nations

The main graphic compares data on current country GDP from the World Bank. Accessed at
with public company information from Fortune 500 at

“Political lobbying” graphic: Centre for Responsive Politics, based on data from the Senate Office of Public Records, 2015

32-33: Shifting Influence

Main graphic based on data from the IMF and PwC projections.  Accessed at

“The world’s richest cities” based on data from the McKinsey Global Institute, March 2011.  Accessed at

34-35: Share Trades

Main graphic: export and import data from the World Bank aggregated and averaged to global trade data. Accessed at 

US trading data from the US Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration, 2014.  Accessed at

36-37: World Debt

Main graphic 2013 GDP data from the World Bank at and total government debt data from The CIA World Factbook at