Chapters 21 & 22

Chapter 21. Valuing Nature and the rainforests

The value of nature
Earth timelapse can be viewed here:
The Guardian reported Chinese plans to cut meat consumption
Possible connections between climate change, drought and conflict in Syria are examined by Kelly et al. in their 2014 paper ‘Climate change in the Fertile Crescent and implications of the recent Syrian drought’.

Chapter 22. Future forests

A little more background on and history of Tanzania’s Amani Forest can be found in this pamphlet published by the Tropical Biology Association ‘Amani Forest Nature Reserve – An Introduction’

Zero deforestation companies
The Tropical Forest Alliance is a large country and company initiative geared to protecting tropical forests, including via zero deforestation supply chains.
For a 2017 report on TFA members’ progress toward meeting zero deforestation goals, see this report:

Nowhere to hide
For more on the very impressive work of Global Forest Watch, take a look at the website

The Bonn Challenge: forest restoration
For more on the Bonn Challenge on forest restoration, see the website

Protect and conserve
On the importance of protected areas in averting the extinction of rainforest wildlife, this 2012 paper by Laurance et al. ‘Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas’ sets out the issues very well
This 2013 paper by Geldman et al. ‘Effectiveness of terrestrial protected areas in reducing habitat loss and population declines’ also underlines the vital roles played by national parks and other protected areas.
Geldman et al. map the rising pressures on protected areas in their 2014 paper ‘Mapping Change in Human Pressure Globally on Land and within Protected Areas’
On the role of protected tropical forest areas in holding carbon, this 2010 paper from Scharlemann et al. estimates the scale of contribution ‘Securing tropical forest carbon: the contribution of protected areas to REDD’
In 2016 a group of leading conservation groups published a paper calling for a linkage between charging emissions caused by aviation and funding to conserve tropical forests. The paper, ‘Linking Flight and Forests: The Essential Role of Forests in Supporting Global Aviation’s Response to Climate Change’, can be found here:
For more on the work of Fauna and Flora International’s work in Liberia, see the organisation’s website

Big ideas and forest connections
For a fuller explanation of Martin Von Hildebrand’s proposals for a major network of connected protected areas across the Amazon, see this resource
Toward the end of this chapter I express a sense of optimism. For a supporting view on that see Deforestation success stories – Tropical Nations Where Forest Protection and Rainforest Policies Have Worked, Boucher, D. et al. (2014), Union of Concerned Scientists.