Chapters 19 & 20

Chapter 19. Globalised deforestation

For more background on why WTO rules were seen as an engine for further forest loss, see this paper by John W. Friede, ‘Global Trade and the Rainforests: Corporate Growth vs Indigenous Prosperity in Tropical Countries’

Chapter 20. And global solutions

For more on Andrew Mitchell’s estimate that about US$135 billion is invested each year in activities that damage the tropical rainforests, see this link:

The Prince’s Rainforests Project

The Prince’s Rainforests Project’s proposals for an Emergency Package of funding to halt deforestation can be found in the report presented to G20 Leaders in London in April 2009

The Daily Telegraph published this report on the meeting of the G20 Leaders’ rainforests meeting in London

Copenhagen and beyond

This article in Grist summed up the outcomes of the Copenhagen Summit. The money pledged for forest conservation is mentioned in the ‘Major Financial Commitments’ section.

Paris 2015: a turning point?

This press announcement sets out the intention of the UK, Norway and Germany to spend an additional US$5 billion on tropical forest conservation

Indonesia’s national plan adopted at Paris can be viewed here:

For a summary of the importance of forests in meeting the aims of the Paris Agreement this 2017 paper in Mongabay covers the main points: ‘New research shows why forests are absolutely essential to meeting Paris Climate Agreement goals’