Chapter 8. Protest and Survive

The history of the campaign on Brazilian mahogany is charted in Guardians of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest by Luiz Barbosa, (Earthscan 2015).

The relationship between logging and total forest clearance is explored in this research by Gregory Asner et al

On the relationship between logging and total deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon see Condition and Fate of Logged Forests in the Brazilian Amazon, Anser, G.P. et al (2006), PNAS, Vol 103, No 34

This 2004 article by Art Blundell ‘A review of the CITES listing of big-leaf mahogany’ provides some excellent background on that subject.

Eating the forests: the Soya Rush

The extent to which large scale commercial farming is a factor driving deforestation in different regions is explored in Drivers of Deforestation and Degradation: A Synthesis Report for REDD+ Policymakers, Kissinger, G. et al (2012), That can be found here: