CSR - Time for a New Interpretation?

During the mid 1990s the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was adopted as a new framework by a number of leading brands. A few companies wanted to do ‘the right thing’, others were driven to adopt social programmes through pressures from civil society and some saw business opportunities.

Why New Nuclear Power Stations Make No Sense For The UK

I have been working with three other former Directors of Friends of the Earth (Jonathon Porritt, Tom Burke and Charles Secrett), to assess the present case for new nuclear power stations in the UK. We captured our thoughts in a Note to the Prime Minister. The points we make in this document are backed up and substantiated through a series of briefings that we published during March, April and May 2012.

Spix's Macaw

Last May, while having dinner with a close friend, I suddenly found myself on the receiving end of unexpected compliments - for having had one of my books made into a film." What film?" I said. "Rio", my friend replied, adding that it was "the one about the two rare blue parrots".

Will 2012 be the year of the R word?

When it comes to how we talk about ecological issues, 2012 looks like it might be the year of the R word – resilience. This term is more and more frequently used, and it seem to me that resilience is set to join the S word (sustainability) and the C word (conservation) to be another means by which we look at the widening gap between human demands and what our planet can supply.