We Need A Deposit Charge On Plastic Bottles

In the wake of the success of England’s plastic bag charge we should no take on the scourge of plastic drinks bottle litter: with a deposit return scheme.
What to do about consumption of disposable packaging is one of the most conspicuous and controversial of modern environmental challenges. We all see it every day as between us we generate mountains of greasy plastic film and soiled card and paper.

Brexit: Welcome To The Future

Friday 24 June was the day when a future that had been gestating for some time was finally born. Conceived through the union of angry parents named inequality and mistrust, its birth saw a national and Europe-wide crisis.
For decades the chasms between the haves and have-nots in British society have grown progressively deeper.

Taking 'Control of Our Borders' After Brexit: Would We Need 'Johnson's Wall' or 'Farage's Dyke'?

One of the most prominent rallying cries from those who’d have the UK depart the European Union is to take ‘control of our borders’. It sounds like a straightforward enough proposition, but it’s an overly simplistic argument that could potentially lead to our borders being far more difficult to control than they are now.
Today the UK has only one land border with another country.