Only An Integrated Approach To The Global Climate And Conservation Crises Will Be Sufficient

Recent months have seen the publication of some alarming new scientific reports. One, from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, concerned the screaming urgency of action to limit global temperature increase to below the widely recognised danger threshold of 1.5°C.

Now Is The Time To Demand Action From MPs

During the general election campaign hardly a mention was made about policies to protect the environment. Aside from ministers being taken to court over their air pollution plan (or lack of one) and Theresa May expressing ‘disappointment’ at Donald Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement, there was barely a murmur about the need to sustain and restore the environment that sustains us all.
This was not new, of course.

Why We Need A Global Deal To Protect Half The Earth

In protecting half the Earth a good place to start is with the 846 terrrestrial ecoregions
A research paper published last week sets out the huge task that lies ahead in reaching the goal of protecting half the Earth. The conclusion that we need to do this to save most of life on Earth comes from one of the world’s greatest scientists: the ecologist Edward Wilson (often know as E.O. Wilson).

Climate Change In Plain English

January 26th saw the launch of an unusual new communications initiative on climate change. Led by none other than His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, it comes in the form of a new Ladybird Book on the subject. It’s for adult readers and couldn’t be more timely.
I have been working to achieve progress on climate change ever since I began working at Friends of the Earth back in 1990.